Welcome to the website for Main Tendue,Indian Trust for Charity Action in Delhi.


 Main Tendue (“holding out, helping hand” in French) makes the link between those in need and those who have something to give.


Those in need are children and women who have had a bad start in life, because they are poor, or handicapped, or unwanted, or all of the above. They are thousands in Delhi.


Those who have something to give are people like you, like us, companies, organizations, in Delhi or anywhere. By giving time, material or money, we can all play a part, in order to improve the daily life of these children and women, to give them the opportunity of a second chance. Because even a small gesture can make a big difference.


This website, along with our Facebook page and our Newsletter, are the means at hand to keep yourselves informed of all the different ways available to you to lend a hand.



Next General Assembly on Sept 21