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Mother Teresa’s orphanage for disabled children

The « Missionaries of Charity » orphanage welcomes mentally and physically handicapped children and is run by the Sisters of Charity, Mother Teresa’s religious community.

The orphanage houses 57 children with varying degrees of handicap. They have been abandoned in the street or at hospitals and handed over to Mother Teresa’s by the Police. Even though many have suffered both physically and emotionally from their handicap, here they are surrounded by love and are raised with dignity and respect.

Specialist personnel develop the children’s abilities: physiotherapists, speech therapists and music and dance teachers come regularly to help. 25 children go to special schools.

The association depends entirely on private donations and receives no State subsidies. The Sisters are also looking for people who would like to offer their skills, their time, their enthusiasm and their love. Doctors, nurses and physiotherapists are in particular demand.

Main Tendue provides clothes, medicine, diapers, toys and books for the children. 

Main Tendue Volunteers visit several times a week and spend time with the children doing artistic activities, helping with physio, bringing love and affection. Their commitment is on a long-term basis which allows them to get to know the children well and develop a warm relationship with them.