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For the past four years, French volunteers have been going to Motia Khan, a shelter in the North of Delhi, to look after "untouchable" children. 

Each morning a team of 4 to 5 volunteers bring to these undernourished children milk and vitamins as well as giving some basic medical care (for wounds,burns), and spend time playing games and caring for the children. motia khanSince September 2014, Motia Khan has partnered with the Indian NGO Samarpan with the aim of ensuring that its action is more long-term and has a real educational impact on this extremely underprivileged community: giving the children an education, teaching about hygiene, prevention, nutrition.  Last November, a classroom was set up with two teachers,one financed by Main Tendue and the other by Samarpan. This way we can prepare the younger children for school and support the older ones who already go to school. Particular attention is given to getting girls into school, and we are working on a new project to set up a creche, so that young girls no longer have to care for their younger brothers and sisters. 
Thales India is partnering this action thanks to Main Tendue.