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Gala Dinner on April 2nd, 2016: a wonderful evening !

A very big Thank You to Mr François Richier, Ambassador of France in India who welcomed us into his Residence and also to the team of the Embassy.

A big Thank You to all the sponsors who support our NGOs financially throughout the year, and those who contributed to the evening's success by regaling us or giving lots (see our sponsors page).

A huge Thank You to all participants who, by their presence, by contributing to the tree for donations or auction allow us to bring our financial support to 12 NGOs.

French Charity Fête on November 28th, 2015

We – French, Indians, and expats from all over the world – celebrated friendship and togetherness during the French Charity Fete, which was held on Saturday, 28 November. We are incredibly happy that this event was a success despite the Paris terrorist attacks on 13 November. We would like to thank a number of people for making sure this event was a success – the 92 exhibitors of which 21 were new this year, the artists who livened up the day, and all the volunteers, more than 100, who made this event a success and gave Delhi a taste of French culture and way of life!

Volunteer workshop on September 29th, 2015

On Tuesday morning, 29 September, 8 enthusiastic volunteers, still awaiting placement, were present for the volunteer workshop. In addition to being a place where they can meet Main Tendue coordinators, this is where our volunteers ask themselves important questions – Have I settled in and ready to give it my best? What skills do I have? What do I like to do? What are the practices I need to respect? – to be able to volunteer at the right place and for a long time. Activity ideas were also exchanged: books, manual activities, and songs were discussed. For these children, who have never been pampered, these small activities are sure to bring great joy!

Information meeting on September 28th, 2015

New term, new projects, new volunteers ! After the holidays, this information meeting was essential to renew our enthusiasm for all our upcoming work. In order to be consistent and efficient in our work, our new President Aurelie Fanielle presented the  projects we will undertake in 2015-2016: continue to work with our 12 NGOs as well as for our two important fundraising events, rolling out our health care project, diversifying and strenghtening our ties with our sponsors.

Celebrating a successful Year: cocktail on May 25th, 2015 at the Alliance Francaise

On May 25th, Main Tendue held its end of the year party to celebrate the successful completion of a wonderful year. Kate de Montjoye took stock of the year gone by and called for the celebration of two anniversaries: 10 years of main Tendue, and the setting up of the trust one year ago. Then she passed the torch to Aurelie Fanielle, our new President, who stated Main Tendue ambitions and strategies for the year 2015 - 2016.

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to make this year successful for Main Tendue. We will see you next term, with eagerness and renewed conviction to lend a helping hand to those in need in Delhi.

French Mela on November 29th 2014

The French Charity Fête was organised on 29th November, a bright sunny day, in the playgrounds of the French Lycée and the gardens of the Institut Français. The international community and Indian friends of Main Tendue were all present. Literally thousands of people dropped by throughout the day to do their Christmas shopping, appreciate French food and wine, let their children play and have fun. The results were very positive!

The Mela will help us continue providing financial aid to our NGOs. Some of our NGOs were present at the event: Kamalini sold some of their products, Jagriti was present with some of their young girls from the shelter, and all the boys from Tara Homes were there as well! We would like to thank everyone who took part. We would also like to thank the stall owners (93), the sponsors (41) the musicians and artists, and all the volunteers (more than 100!) who made this event such a huge success and a wonderful example of the French culture and spirit in Delhi!

Mela 2014