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Salaam Baalak Trust was founded nearly 25 years ago by Mira Nair, Indian film director of « Salaam Bombay » movie.

This NGO looks after some 4500 children from the street every year, girls and boys, dispatched in 6 different centres in and around New-Delhi train station. Each centre has a distinct purpose : day care and medical care, tracing families, long term shelter, schooling, education and professional training. Although Salaam Balaak Trust is a large structure, the children feel like they are part of a wide family and often keep in touch with the NGO once they have left t to lead their own lives.

Main Tendue volunteers have been involved with SBT in the Aasra centre, in Pahar Ganj. The centre shelters street children on a temporary basis (up to one year). Most of the time they have come to Delhi by train. The shelter is made up of 2 rooms where about sixty boys are kept safe from child labour.

The aim is to look for their families or find a them a permanent shelter, as well as address health issues. 
These children hardly ever go out of the shelter.

Main Tendue supports some of the Aasra centre running costs (breakfast, maintenance, transportation).

Main Tendue Volunteers organize activities (yoga, dancing, arts and crafts, singing) with the children nearly every weekday morning.