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Tara is a residential home for vulnerable children with an emphasis on education. 

Tara is home to just 20 boys aged 6 to 18. In addition to shelter and appropriate food, the children are currently receiving education in top schools in South Delhi. Qualified teachers and volunteers provide support for their homework and tuition. The children also have the opportunity of taking computer, photo/video, French and yoga classes as well as dancing and singing workshops.

Members of the staff and the volunteer team come from countries all around the world, as well as from India. This exposure to international cultures helps the boys gain understanding of different races and cultures and fosters tolerance and sensitivity to different view-points, values and opinions. The emotional support given by a small tightly-knit unit helps the children to work on their personal history. All of this enables the boys to settle down and start learning.

Main Tendue helps Tara by paying the salary for the Adminstrative Director.
Main Tendue Volunteers help with tuition, sports activity sessions, story reading, cooking classes.