The Shelter

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Sandra Bongiolatti is an Italian lady who has made her life in India. She created The Shelter in 2004 together with Saji, her Indian husband. Since Saji’s death in tragic circumstances in July 2012, Sandra is alone in bringing up abandoned boys and girls in a family atmosphere. She is assisted by young women who are also from impoverished backgrounds; they are offered a job, a salary and a roof over their heads.

Today there are 20 children aged from 5 to 16 years old. Nearly all go to school are enrolled in reputable local schools. At the origin of the Shelter was the desire to give these children a stable emotional environment and to look after them in the long-term so that they could go to university or learn a skill or craft.

Main Tendue helps the Shelter by bringing a monthly food and toiletries parcel as well as covering some of the running costs of the home.