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Our history

Main Tendue  is an Indian Charitable Trust founded in May 2014 by the will of Indian and French.people who want to make the link with Indian NGOs taking care of children and women.

The charity action of Main Tendue consists of bringing financial, material and physical support to Indian NGOs looking after children and women in need. These NGOs are small or bigger structures in and around Delhi and there are currently twelve of them (see page “NGOs supported by Main Tendue”).


Our logo

The Main Tendue logo was inspired by the sculptures of the artist Marie Mathias
( http://www.marie-mathias.com/ ).

The artist generously let Main Tendue use one of her sculptures, a woman’s smiling hand (see photo) as a starting point to its logo.



Our action

For each of our NGOs, we have in our team a person acting as coordinator. He or she goes regularly to visit the NGO in order to maintain an active link with the leaders, to be informed of their day-to-day needs (material, volunteers, …), to be aware of the events and activities organized (excursions, Christmas parties…). The aim is to be able to contribute to the NGOs where they most need our help. This close partnership allows us to follow the financial situation of each NGO and know how each donation is used.

We are currently helping more than 1000 underprivileged children and women in Delhi. The material and financial support we bring can take different forms: contributing to the rent, financing staff salaries or building renovations, buying basic goods, school material or clothes, etc.

Furthermore, Main Tendue volunteers go to work with these NGOs on a regular basis, to organize activities, outings or after-school support for children…

In order to sustain this financial support, we organize fund raising events. Our two main annual events are the French Charity Exhibition in November and a Grand Gala Dinner in March. etc.). We sell Main Tendue products as well as those created by our NGOs. We also seek support and donations from companies, institutions, organizations based in or around Delhi, as well as private donors.

The vast majority of the funds collected will be used directly for the NGOs supported by “Main Tendue”, as our volunteers work from home the running costs of the trust are very low.

Our team